Memorial of the Holy Guardian Angels ~ October 2, 2021

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Guardian Angels – especially chosen by God to look after us 

Reflections on the readings for the Memorial of the Holy Guardian Angels (October 2, 2021): BAR 4:5-12,27-29; PS 69:33-35,36-37; MT 18:1-5,10

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The presence of God’s angelic messengers in our lives is a beautiful reminder of the many ways He assists us in our journey through life.

Just as Angels are mentioned in the Old Testament they are in the New Testament as well. We hear how they are sent by God to be messengers of His love and mercy, guiding and protecting His people. On this feast we especially revere the Guardian Angels, designated by Him to look after each and every person on earth in every generation. More than that, it is believed that there are particular Angels tasked with looking after the Church, dioceses, countries, and even communities.  

It was in the Middle Ages that devotion to Guardian Angels developed. In 1615, the feast was officially added to the Church calendar. St. Francis de Sales advised, “Specially love and revere the Guardian Angel of the diocese in which you live, those of the friends who surround you, and your own. Commune with them frequently, join in their songs of praise, and seek their protection and help in all you do, spiritual or temporal.” The presence of God’s angelic messengers in our lives is a beautiful reminder of the many ways He assists us in our journey through life. He knows we cannot find our own way, so He sends angels to help us more deeply and truly seek – and find – our path home to heaven. Recalling how Jesus Himself was ministered to by angels after the temptations in the desert and again in the Garden of Olives the night before His passion and death, we, too, can find comfort in their company. We can pray to them often, asking their help through their holy attention to our spiritual and temporal well-being. 

Suggested missionary action: On this day after her own memorial, let us say this prayer of St. Therese of the Child Jesus, “My Holy Guardian Angel, cover me with your wing. With your fire, light the road that I’m taking. Come direct my steps. … Help me, I call upon you just for today.” We can also resolve to ask for our Guardian Angel’s help every day. 

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