Annunciation of the Lord, April 9, 2018

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With a word, the Blessed Virgin Mary became the Mother of God 

Reflections on the readings for the the Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord (April 9, 2018): IS 7:10-14, 8:10, PS 40:7-8A, 8B-9,10,11; HEB 10:4-10; LK 1:26-38

MISSIO offers “Mission In Scripture” to nurture a missionary heart, providing reflections on the missionary themes in the readings of Sundays, Feast Days and Holy Days.

We honor the Blessed Virgin Mary on this day recalling the annunciation of the incarnation of her Son, the Son of God. Normally celebrated on March 25, the solemnity was moved because it would have fallen on Palm Sunday.  

So now we contemplate the message of the angel Gabriel, inviting Mary to participate in God’s design for the redemption of Jew and Gentile alike. “Listen, O house of David!… The Lord Himself will give you this sign: the virgin shall be with child, and bear a son, and shall name him Emmanuel, which means ‘God is with us!’” (Isaiah 7:13-14, 8:10).

That loyal daughter of Abraham had already committed herself to marry Joseph the carpenter. But now she answered with complete trust, leaving everything in the hands of the Almighty. That total confidence is something we often find difficult. The idea of not having our own way is so much at odds with our usual urge to make decisions that benefit us as individuals. Yet that is exactly what the Blessed Mother of Christ and of His people did by choosing to say “Yes!” to God. Because of her willingness to serve our Lord, we can all say in truth and wonder: “God is with us!” 

Suggested missionary action: Let us celebrate this feast honoring the Annunciation of our Lord Jesus to Mary His mother by saying a World Mission Rosary for all who spread His holy word everywhere.


Remember someone you love and have lost with a Mass in the Missions in their memory.




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