22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time - September 1, 2019

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Embrace humility without fear... 

Reflections on the readings for the Twenty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time (September 1, 2019): SIR 3:17-18,20,28-29; PS 68:4-5,6-7,10-11; HEB 12:18-19,22-24; LK 14:1,7-14

MISSIO offers “Mission In Scripture” to nurture a missionary heart, providing reflections on the missionary themes in the readings of Sundays, Feast Days and Holy Days

Humility is a prime point in the liturgical reading for today. 

God urges all of us to nurture this crucial virtue, especially for those who are rich, powerful or prominent. Feelings of pride and self-importance too often interfere with our relationships with those around us and, even more importantly, with Almighty God. “My child, conduct your affairs with humility, and you will be loved more than a giver of gifts. Humble yourself the more, the greater you are, and you will find favor with God” (Sirach 3:17-18).

Whatever our social status may be, we cannot be people of faith, hope and charity unless we acknowledge the truth of our dependence on our Lord. Being humble does not mean ignoring the talents, gifts, and opportunities with which He has blessed us. We should not pretend to be something we are not, rather we must acknowledge that God is God – and we are not. We are not in charge of the world nor can we control every aspect of our own lives. In His mercy, God loves us in spite of our faults and failings, not because we are worthy of His graciousness. It is for us to gratefully entrust ourselves to the Father’s will and let Him lead us where He desires. That is what His Son did. Jesus humbly walked to His death to save us all from sin and death. Surely, we, too, can offer ourselves to our loving God. We can also pray that we grow in the virtues He knows we need to do and be all He asks of us.

Suggested missionary action:  Let us ask God to help us to grow in humility and avoid pride. We can spend a little time each day examining the way we think about ourselves and about others – whether those we admire or those we may look down upon.




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