Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time - November 15, 2020

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Use everything He gives us…  

Reflections on the readings for the Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time (November 15, 2020): PRV 31:10-13,18-20,30-31; PS 128:1-2,3,4-5; 1 THES 5:1-6; MT 25:14-30

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God expects us to use everything He gives us in life as well as we can. This includes time, talent and treasure.

In the Gospel reading for today, as we approach the end of Ordinary Time, we listen to the last of the parables from St. Matthews Gospel that we have heard in recent months. It is known as the Parable of the Talents and it introduces us to a rich man who gives large sums of money, or talents, to three of his servants before going on a long trip. When he returns, the man finds that two servants used the money to earn more money that they gave to their master. However, the third had buried the money in a hole and so had just that one talent to give to his master. This servant accuses the rich man of being demanding and says he acted out of fear. The first two servants are commended and given greater responsibilities. But the master denounces the last for his wickedness and laziness. The one talent he had is turned over to the servant who had done the most. “For to everyone who has, more will be given and he will grow rich; but from the one who has not, even what he has will be taken away. And throw this useless servant into the darkness outside, where there will be wailing and grinding of teeth” (Matthew 25:29-30). 

God expects us to use everything He gives us in life as well as we can. This includes time, talent and treasure. The word talent as it is used in this story meant, at that time, a weight or sum of money. Only centuries later did talent come to mean our current idea of an ability or aptitude and this change was largely based on this particular parable. Jesus wants people to grasp that we need to do all we can with whatever we have. And this is not merely for personal gain, but also to honor and serve Almighty God. He created us and asks us to appreciate our relationship with Him as well as other people. God has blessed us with the gift of faith. This, too, is something we are called on to share with others. He shows us His mercy in many ways and we can offer these gifts to those around us, especially those in greatest need. If we want to be part of the Kingdom of Heaven, we must play our part on earth by letting His love rule our lives and communicating that love in action.  

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