Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary - August 15, 2019

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Almighty God called His precious daughter to Himself, in both soul and body

Reflections on the readings for the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (August 15, 2019): RV 11:19;12:1-6,10; PS 45:10,11,12,16; 1 COR 15:20-27; LK 1:39-56

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In the Book of Revelation written by St. John, there is a vivid description of a vision that is often associated with the Blessed Virgin Mary.

“A great sign appeared in the sky, a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars.… She gave birth to a son, a male child, destined to rule all the nations” (Revelation 12:1, 5). Today we celebrate the feast of Mary’s Assumption into heaven. While this was not recognized as dogma until the middle of the 20th century, it was accepted by many Christians from the early centuries of the Church, particularly in the east. It seemed utterly appropriate that God would bring the loyal, loving and sinless woman who bore His Son into His presence, both body and soul, at the end of her life.

Mary gave herself to the will of the Father and the care of Jesus, more completely than we can really understand. And just as our Lord entrusted her to St. John from His cross, He also made her the mother of all His people. It is through her continual cooperation with God in eternity that she reaches out to bring us ever closer to her Son, to express His merciful love for us as well as her own, and to call us to our ultimate destiny in their company for endless ages.


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