19th Sunday in Ordinary Time - August 11, 2019

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‘Where your treasure is, there will your heart be’

Reflections on the readings for the Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (August 11, 2019): WIS 18:8-9; PS 33:1,12,18-19,20-22; HEB 11:1-2,8-19; LK 12:32-48

MISSIO offers “Preaching Mission,” as a homily help, providing connections to mission from the readings of Sundays, Feast Days and Holy Days. 

This Sunday’s Scripture readings invite us to live our faith with courage, steadfastness and zeal in serving God and reaching out to our brothers and sisters in need.

Jesus wanted His disciples to proclaim the kingdom of heaven with their whole lives. “Do not be afraid any longer, little flock, for your Father is pleased to give you the kingdom. Sell your belongings and give alms. Provide money bags for yourselves that do not wear out, an inexhaustible treasure in heaven that no thief can reach nor moth destroy. For where your treasure is, there will your heart be” (Luke 12:32-34). Christ desired those who heard His words to contemplate what really mattered to them. If we are consumed with the things of this world, whether money, power, or pleasure, we are not capable of single-mindedly walking in His way. If we let hatred, anger, or fear rule our attitudes and actions, we are not truly followers of our Lord.

We need to be prepared to do all God asks of us, whenever He asks it. Early Christians expected the Second Coming of Christ and we, too, need to know that it will come – whether tomorrow or in another millennia. And, certainly, every person of every generation must confront human mortality. Each of us will die and we will finally see the truth about our life and our relationship with God. Moreover, because He loves us, He calls us to return that love and to share our many blessings with all we meet. If we faithfully welcome His grace and seek His will, we will share all eternity with our merciful Lord.


Remember someone you love and have lost with a Mass in the Missions in their memory.


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