'Life must be lived as play'

Posted by Holly Benner on Aug 27, 2019 5:36:07 PM

Without a doubt, summer is the most anticipated season of the year. And whether or not it’s your favorite ~ one Gallup poll puts summer in third place as a favorite season for Americans, behind spring and fall ~ there are endless things that we love about it. Longer days, swimming at pools, going to the beach feeling sand in between your toes, barbecues, catching lightning bugs at night time, plus campfires and endless smores. Many families here in the United States take vacations during the summer months. It’s a time to reconnect with each other, a time to relax and enjoy, breaking the monotonous routine of our daily lives. Many of us like to play games.

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A pair of sandals and a peaceful heart

Posted by Holly Benner on Jul 30, 2019 5:50:38 PM

Summer is in full swing in the eastern part of Pennsylvania. The sweltering heat from the sun is radiating down onto the concrete causing illusions of wavering images as it reflects off the street. I recently noticed, as I was leaving my parish's rectory, that this heat was causing the energy and excitement that filled the children who were participating in Vacation Bible School to decrease. With their outdoor activities being limited due to the muggy conditions, the children were being sent indoors to continue their activities in an air conditioned gym. While observing the children out on the school playground in the summer heat, getting tired and looking for someplace cooler or a drink of water, my mind flashed back to a time when I was in Nigeria and was given the opportunity to participate in a Vacation Bible School session. This session was being held in a village, located in Igbo land, in the southern part of Nigeria.

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Remembering the Martyrs

Posted by Holly Benner on Jun 27, 2019 5:04:05 PM

Here in the Northeast, there are birds chirping, scents of flowers blooming, trees budding, the dominating earthy fragrance after a rain shower, the wonderful evocative odor of newly mown grass. Full of freshness, these fragrances bring me back to a mission journey I took thousands of miles away, deep in the bush in the country of Uganda in Africa. A country full of  green tropical jungles, with the beauty of Lake Victoria, source of the Nile River, Queen Elizabeth National Park, the Equator, and yes, gorillas. However, the one place that I hold close to my heart is Namagongo, the most spiritual sacred place in all of Uganda. This is the land where the Ugandan Martyrs were burned alive for their love of Christ.

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'Let the children come to Me'

Posted by Holly Benner on May 20, 2019 4:42:59 PM

This past Easter, I celebrated the 20th anniversary of my Baptism into the Catholic Church.  For me, the Easter Season serves as a personal reminder of the splendor and awe that overcame me when I entered the Church that first time. I felt as if I was at “home” ~ a home with a “Father” and a “Mother.” In the past 20 years, I have been blessed to meet and work with many wonderful priests, for whom I am honored to call “Father.” I have also worked with many religious who have deep devotions to our Mother, “Mary the Mother of God.”

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A Call Answered

Posted by Holly Benner on Mar 15, 2019 3:29:26 PM

Greetings and welcome to  “Hol(l)y Headlines!” It's a bit of a play on words, a sort of "Extra! Extra! Read All About It" call to build missionary momentum as part of our ongoing effort to educate and motivate the next generation of the Catholic Church's missionaries. There will always be a practical way to make mission real for young people, tied to a headline from today, as well as a look at the efforts in the Pope's missions to help the world's most vulnerable communities. That's a little about this blog. Now a little about me. 😊

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